Ketosis Low Blood Sugar: Should I be worried about?


How a diabetic patient can perform a Keto diet?

What If you are already in Ketosis with low blood sugar, Should you be worried about it?

We have observed that some of the people noticed that low blood sugar when starting keto diet.

So we are going to uncover questions like what are effect of Keto Diet(Ketosis) on High blood sugar & low blood sugar.

Quick Note :  Effect of Keto Diet on Blood Sugar

There are some of Keto diet impacts on the body include the lowering of blood sugar and insulin levels, in addition to forcing the body to use fats and ketones as an alternative energy source due to an inadequate amount of carbs in the body.

Here are some things you should know about the keto diet and its relationship to diabetes and blood sugar. 

Can You Do Keto Diet if Hypoglycemic?

Having hypoglycemia means having low blood sugar. Generally, if you have this condition, you need a blood glucose boost and a quick one at that.

While the keto diet does result in energy production from fats and ketones, the process takes more time than would be the case with carbohydrates.

So, if you are hypoglycemic, doing a keto diet might not be a good idea as the diet cannot supply you with the sugar you need to attain optimal blood sugar levels as fast as a regular carb-rich diet would.


Source -  Healclinics

Is Keto Good for Low Blood Sugar?

Keto may offer a solution to people in need of lowering their blood sugar levels.

Being low in carbs, the diet can actually help people dealing with type 2 diabetes avoid or reduce their need for medication.

Ketosis low blood sugar benefits are largely the reason many diabetics give this diet a try. Carbs generally translate into high blood sugar levels.

Therefore, following a keto diet, which strictly reduces the intake of carbs, can cause a significant decline in blood sugar levels.

However, if low blood sugar would cause problems such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), then this diet might not be a good idea.

Can Keto Diet Cause High Blood Sugar?

Yes, the Keto diet can result in high blood sugars. 

In a study, it was discovered that going on a keto diet impaired the process by which blood sugar levels are controlled with the help of insulin.

When this process is affected after following a low carb diet, the liver grows resistant to insulin, and this can result in blood sugar levels getting high.

​Can a Low Carb Diet Cause Elevated Blood Sugar?

Although some people have reported seeing higher blood sugar levels after going on a keto diet, experts argue that the reading is false.

That is because a low carb diet reduces the uptake of insulin in the body, and this can make it seem like blood sugar levels have gone up when they really haven’t.

​Does Keto Diet affect Blood Sugar?

A keto diet can affect blood sugar levels, albeit indirectly, for people with insulin resistance problems.

A keto diet, which is low in carbs, can make the liver less responsive to insulin, which steps in when there is too much sugar in the blood in order to ensure its reduction to optimal levels.

When this system is impaired, blood sugars can rise beyond optimum levels and this can affect blood sugar levels.

But for healthy people with proper insulin response, blood sugar levels never get out of control even when following a keto diet since insulin production will always ensure that the glucose levels do not go beyond normal levels.

For quick FAQs, If you are a diabetic patient, can you do a Keto diet or not? In most of the cases a Keto Diet is not advisable to the diabetic patients still you do it with utmost care.?

keto blood low sugar issue

​Can Ketosis Lead to Diabetes?

No, It is widely believed that ketogenic diets alleviate diabetes as opposed to encouraging its occurrence.

A lot of research has shown that carbohydrate restriction can actually help with this condition.

Studies have also shown that low carb diets help with glucose control, and that is something that alleviates the seriousness of type 2 diabetes.

But also, there are studies that claim that ketogenic diets may increase the risks of suffering from type 2 diabetes and that this is more likely to happen in the early stages of these diets.

ketosis diabetes blood sugar

Apparently, the way this diet affects insulin production by limiting blood sugar levels can trigger insulin resistance.

Therefore, blood sugar levels can get out of control as a result. And so, by increasing insulin resistance, ketogenic diets may actually lead to diabetes.

The study that made this discovery was done by EHT Zurich together with the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, but it was done on mice, not human subjects.

However, there are many other scientific claims to the contrary arguing that the diet actually alleviates type two diabetes. So, on the whole, more research is necessary to determine if a keto diet alleviates or leads to diabetes.

​Is Keto Diet Safe for Pre Diabetics?

Low carb diets like the keto diet are considered a great way to reverse pre-diabetes.

And it’s true, the keto diet can help with prediabetes as it can lower insulin resistance, which is essentially what pre-diabetes amounts to.

The diet can also result in lower weight, and this can alleviate pre-diabetes as excess weight is one of the leading causes of diabetes.

However, more research needs to be done on this fact as there are studies showing that the diet can actually result in insulin resistance, and that would only make pre-diabetes worse.

​Can Fasting Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Yes, fasting can raise your blood sugar levels if you have insulin resistance.

In fact:

With this condition, when you wake up in the morning after going for all those hours without food, your blood sugar levels will typically be at their peak before they go back to normal over the course of the day, even when you are consuming foods rich in sugars.

ketosis low blood sugar

Fasting brings about certain hormonal changes in the body that result in a rise in blood sugar levels.

In people without insulin resistance issues, the increased blood sugar triggers the release of more insulin which gets the blood sugar levels back to normal.

However, insulin resistance is not the only culprit as far as increased fasting blood sugar levels go, the foods you had before the fast also play a role.

But generally, when you fast, your body releases hormones that encourage the body to create glucose from stored energy.

So, in cases of inadequate insulin or insulin resistance, glucose levels can get too high.

However, for people with proper insulin response, the fasting levels of blood sugar never get too high as the body will respond appropriately by releasing more insulin to ensure there is no excess glucose in the body.

​​Keto Transition Issues  & diabetic ketoacidosis

I have that when people are in Ketosis (When there primary source of fuel is changed from sugar to fats). They start to face issues like moodiness, and grouches extra. These are just temporary issues.

What is Diabetic Ketoacidosis & How to prevent from it.

Its start to occur when your blood sugar is very high and acidic materials called ketones produced to dangerous levels in your body.

Symptoms of Ketoacidosiscan are :
-  Frequent urination
- Extreme thirst
- High blood sugar levels

1. Take your diabetic medicines.

2. Stay hydrated and eat meals properly.
3. Note your Sugar levels if increased, Please consult your doctor.

diabetic ketoacidosis


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